We need to talk about the menopause

At I Am Here, we feel “We need to talk about menopause.”

  • Menopause directly impacts about half of the population
  • Women over 50 are the fastest-growing workforce demographic
  • Menopause impacts individual women and those around them

We hope that today’s Tuesday Trio will benefit our understanding of menopause and how it impacts all of us.

What are we seeing this week?

This poster provides hints and tips for managers who might be working with colleagues, and employees, who are experiencing menopause.

I Am Here finds it a useful guide to foster work environments where understanding and support is made available for colleagues going through this challenging time in their lives.

Show you care. Ask the question. Call for help.

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What are we watching this week?

This week we are watching Emma Bardwell, a registered nutritionist, and women’s health expert. In this short video piece, she shares eight signs to look out for if you think you may be approaching perimenopause. In addition to spotting the signs of perimenopause, she shares how symptoms can be eased.

At I Am Here, we find Emma to be informative and encouraging. She is proactive in her advice and reassuring in her messaging. She offers hope through what can be a challenging time for so many.

Watch the video (8-minute watch)

The Greene Climacteric Scale (GSC) is a questionnaire that measures menopause symptoms in women.

Did you watch the clip? Let us know if you have anything to share. Feel free to contact us on Facebook, X, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.

Who are we quoting this week?

“The changes, the highs and lows, and the hormonal shifts, there is power in that.”

– Michelle Obama

Sometimes menopause brings feelings of loss of control or thoughts of becoming less visible. At I Am Here, we like the empowerment that Michelle Obama lends to the transition into menopause. The flower that is woman is entering a new phase of life. Michelle’s statement conveys a hope and unique resilience that women have within.

It’s ok to not feel ok; and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help.

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