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Do you take time out?

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This week we are asking the question about whether we take time out for ourselves. We can blame our work schedule, we can blame our social schedule and we can blame our life schedule for not taking time for ourselves. However, is our life not our life, and should our schedule not belong to us? Taking time out is not wasting time, it is valuing time.

Come join us again this week as we share inspirations and information.


What are we watching this week?

This week, we are watching this lovely short film from Sarah Callaghan, who contemplates what we think about as we take a walk. It is titled,  “The Prom”. It was shared to us by I Am Here’s client, Alan O’Grady, MD of Western Postform Ltd.  (Thank you, Alan.)

It is a unique and relatable reflection on the possible thought processes going through our minds as we take time out. In this instance, that time out is situated along “The Prom” in Galway, Ireland, in the form of the many different activities available to us.

Will you take time out to watch it? If you have taken time out, what are your impressions? As always, I Am Here is inviting you to share your insights with us, along with your own reflections.

Watch the video (2-minute watch)

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What are we looking at this week?

So often, we are told to look after ourselves, but do we know how? Are we allowing ourselves an opportunity to authentically research how to mind ourselves?

The following graphic offers a practical, 60-minute self-care routine. We might take an hour of our day to care for the garden, we might take an hour of our day to care for the house cleaning, or we might take an hour of our day to care for the grocery shopping. How do we feel about taking an hour of our day to care for ourselves?

Have a look at these activities, as illustrated. The visual shows an hour of self-care that can be spread throughout the day and can be done in any order. Remember that by caring for ourselves, we are better equipped to care for everything else.

60 minute Self Care 01

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Who are we thinking this week?

This week, we’re thinking about recognising when someone might not be feeling okay. The visual below is a useful illustration of the signs to look out for. Central to what I Am Here does is to train and educate workers, employees and business leaders in identifying and knowing the signs that indicate when someone might not be feeling ok.

It’s important to be proactive, to trust our instincts, to use our knowledge, to reach out to the people around us and to ask the question,

“Are you feeling ok?”

Have you reached out to someone recently and asked the question? Have you been asked the question? As always, we would love to hear from you on our social platforms.

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