At this time of year

At a time of year when everyone is ‘supposed to’ feel happy, have you stopped to ask yourself the question, ‘How am I actually feeling?’

At a time of year when there are many responsibilities, have you stopped to ask yourself the question, ‘Has my responsibility of self-care been a casualty of the season?’

At a time of year when belief is extolled or suspended, have you stopped to ask yourself the question, ‘Do I believe in myself?’

At this time of year, everything might look sparkly and bright; however, do we believe the optics without knowing the reality? Do we fall into the trap of comparison when we already know we are only seeing the highlights of other people’s lives? Are we reminding ourselves that we cannot base what we feel inside on what others choose to show on the outside?

At a time of year when self-reflection and looking at the past year is championed and advocated, do we do it at the expense of our mental health and wellbeing? Overthinking the past can be exhausting and detrimental to our present. We can’t change the past, but we can feed our future.

At this time of year, are we confronted by relationships? Is there a fear of meeting up with those who look to put us down or make us feel small? Criticism and lack of validation can impact our confidence, which in turn impacts our mental health and wellbeing. We need to mind it.

Negativity erodes belief in ourselves and in others. Our thoughts are a huge part of us and how we live. Filling our minds with uplifting and inspirational media and content helps us to think positively about ourselves, which strengthens our ability to overcome the hurdles of life. What we fill our minds with influences how we see ourselves and the world around us. Visualising and setting goals are important motivators, even when hope is compromised and self-doubt creeps in.

Creating healthy routines, surrounding ourselves with good people, acknowledging our triumphs, big and small, and identifying and working on our strengths, all contribute to establishing and maintaining our mental health and wellbeing.  Failing doesn’t make us failures, our failings are our learning curves. And in countering them, we need to practice self-compassion.

Our mental health and wellbeing are not just for Christmas. Our check-in, our self-care and our self-belief are not just for this time of year. However, if there is one gift to be gifted this holiday season, let it be the knowledge that you are full of possibility, you are worthy and its ok not to feel ok; and its absolutely ok to ask for help.

Happy Christmas

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