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Do I exercise gratitude?

Each week, Tuesday Trio serves up three tips to evoke reflection and improve our mental health and wellbeing.

This week, we’re asking, “Do I exercise gratitude?”

  • Do I know how important gratitude is to my mental health and wellbeing?
  • Do I realise that by exercising gratitude, I am closest to being present and living in the moment?
  • How often do I exercise gratitude?

Over the past decade, studies have revealed that people who consciously exercise gratitude tend to be happier and less depressed. Research shows that by counting our blessings, we can reduce our stress and improve our mental and physical health. As always, we at I Am Here would love for you to join us in the conversation.


What are we watching this week?

This week we are watching an esteemed professor of neuroscience Dr. Beau Lotto explain how important gratitude is to our mental health and wellbeing. He calls gratitude the “mother of all feelings” and says that by exercising gratitude, we are more resilient to the setbacks in life. We are better equipped to overcome reflex actions that might take us in the wrong direction in terms of panic attacks, stress, or negativity. He says gratitude is key to our personal learning and development.

At I Am Here, we find the science behind gratitude fascinating. Dr. Lotto talks us through how the brain responds to gratitude and then translates it into how that impacts our mood, decisions, and progress. He explains to us that by being grateful, we are serving our mental health and wellbeing.

Watch the video (13-minute watch)

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What are we reading this week?

This week, we are reading a reflection taken from #soulpancake. It references our preconceptions about Mondays, but we believe it could relate to any day of the week. It speaks for itself, but at I Am Here, we think everyone could write a version of this within their own contexts.

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What do you think? We hope you enjoy it and share your own reflection on our I Am Here  FacebookXInstagram and LinkedIn.


Who are we quoting this week?

Did you know gratitude…

-Shields you from negativity
-Makes you at least 25% happier
-Rewrites your brain
-Eliminates stress
-Improves sleep
-Boosts self-esteem and performance
-Enhances the law of attraction
-Improves relationships.

This week, we are quoting nine reasons to exercise gratitude and count our blessings. At I Am Here, we do this to remind ourselves to take a moment to be grateful and to reap the benefits of doing so.

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