Our Impact

It’s ok not to feel ok; and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help.

Stories from Leaders

Aidan Greene, CEO, Core

Aidan Greene, CEO of Core explains the impact of partnering with I Am Here.

Vashti Knox, Super Retail Group

Vashti Knox, Super Retail Group | Why should organisations take wellbeing seriously?

Alan O’Grady, Western Postform

Managing Director, Alan O’Grady shares with us why Western Postform decided to partner with I Am Here. Alan says “It’s the first time in 30 years that we’ve spoken about mental health and wellbeing among our staff and their families.” 

Our Impact - Case Study: Woolworths Group


Woolworths Group (Australia) launched I Am Here with continuing results

Tribe Members
+ 0
Over 60,000 Team Members have completed the I Am Here: Tribe Members course.
+ 0
10,000 Team Members have signed up to the I Am Here: Ambassadors course.
+ 0 %
Woolworths experienced a 300% increase in registrations on their wellbeing portal and a 3x increase in employee assistance utilisation.
Positive Impact
+ 0 %
81% of Team Members claim that I Am Here has had a positive impact on their lives.

Stories from within the workplace

MSD Tribe Members and Ambassadors

Captured during the first launch day of I Am Here at the MSD premises in Ireland, Team Members welcome their new mental health and wellbeing partner.

Sean’s Story | Infrabuild

Sean shares how I Am Here is changing work environments and culture for the better.

Linda's Story | Fáilte Ireland

What having the confidence to guide someone in the right direction means to Linda.

Natalie's Story | Fáilte Ireland

Why Natalie thinks having an empathic work environment is vital.
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