I Am Here enables cultural change in organizations prioritizing mental health and wellbeing
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About I Am Here 

  • I Am Here enables cultural change in organizations prioritizing mental health and wellbeing

  • We are driven by a vision for an environment where our Clients and their Teams thrive

  • Together, we are changing beliefs and behaviors about mental health in the workplace

  • Our evidence-based approach supports Teams build the courage, confidence and skills necessary and connects them with help and support, if needed

  • The end result is a compassionately connected Team, who then spread the I Am Here message to their families, friends and community

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    Thank you very much for your interest. We are always looking to expand our Tribe and spread the message that its ok not to feel ok; and its absolutely ok to ask for help.

    I Am Here is all about creating compassionate connections in the workplace and beyond. That is why we like to engage with and talk to people one on one. We find a quick conversation early in the process is the best way to start building those connections.

    I Am Here mental health and wellbeing programme


    Reaching all our Clients’ Team Members


    Up to 70% of Team Members nominated to become I Am Here Ambassadors


    Drive deeper engagement with our Clients’ broader wellbeing programs


    Drive increase in the use of our Clients’ Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


    Improvement in absenteeism and productivity1

    Return on $

    For every $1.30 spent on supporting mental health at work, employers get on average $5 back2

    1 Awareness into Action, A Holistic Approach to Cultivating Mentally Healthy Workplaces in Australia. Allianz Australia 2019.
    2 Mental Health & Employees, Refreshing the case for investment. Deloitte UK, January 2020

    What our Clients say

    ‘It is more important than ever to look out for ourselves and each other, and as a business, we will continue to explore ways to make sure we’re playing our part and providing the support that’s needed leveraging our “I Am Here” mental wellbeing program.’

    Brad Banducci, CEO Woolworths Group

    Brad Banducci, CEO Woolworths Group, I Am Here Mental Health

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    I Am Here: Tribe Members

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    I Am Here: Ambassadors Part 1

    January 19 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm GMT

    I Am Here: Ambassadors Part 2

    January 26 @ 9:00 am - 10:30 am EST

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