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How much do other people influence my feelings and actions?

Each week, Tuesday Trio serves up three tips to evoke reflection and improve our mental health and wellbeing.

This week, we’re asking, ‘How much do other people influence my feelings and actions?’

We are surrounded by people. We are surrounded by people we know, and we are surrounded by people we don’t know. So, how ‘influenced’ are we, by those who surround us? Are we people pleasers? Are we rebels? Or do we get confused between what other people want and expect of us, and what we want and expect for ourselves?

Today, we explore these reflections. Come join us.


What are we watching this week?

This is a short clip from freedominthought.com. It’s an exploration of philosopher Marcus Aurelius’s thoughts on how we should stop caring about what people think of us. It is explained through a dialogue between two people, where the idea of being too attached to other people’s opinions is debated.

We at I Am Here found the following statement worth sharing: ‘When you are being yourself, you have to be willing to violate people’s expectations of you, you have to be willing to disappoint them and you have to be willing for them to react negatively.’ What do you think? Is this easier said than done?

Take five minutes to watch this and see if it changes your perspective on how others influence us.

Watch the video (5-minute watch)

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What are we reading this week?

This is an interesting contemporary article from www.tinybudda.com titled ‘Why We Worry About What Other People Think of Us (And How to Stop),’ written by author Michelle D’Avella.

The author explains in a very real and relevant context, why we should stop worrying about what people think of us. She shares her personal experience of moving away from her own disempowerment in the past. She encourages our empowerment by living our own life instead of chasing an ideal we have created. She underscores the value of being loved for who we are, and not who we are trying to be. Take the opportunity to read and tell us what you think.

Read the article (6-minute watch)

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Who are we quoting this week?

‘My Dear, I don’t give a damn.’

– Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind

You might recognise this quote from the golden oldie Hollywood classic Gone with the Wind. It is said towards the end of the movie by Rhett Butler to Scarlet O’Hara after a lifetime of turbulence.

All fiction aside, maybe this might be something we need to say (politely) to ourselves, and to others, to keep us on track in being true to ourselves. What do you think? Would you say it? Would you mean it?

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