Do our dreams come true?

What are we reading this week?

Dreams, by their nature, can be hard to achieve. We might spend years pursuing our dreams and sometimes feel that we’re no closer to reaching them. It might be tempting to give up.

This article written by Debbie Gisonni, is titled “11 Things to Do When Your Dreams Don’t Come True.” Debbie shares discoveries she made when her dreams of becoming a best-selling writer didn’t seem to be coming true, and shares tips on making the journey to fulfill a dream.

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What are we watching this week?

Do we know what our passion or dream is? What is it we’re “supposed” to do? Are we “failures“ if we don’t identify our passion? Are we allowed to change our passion, our dream?

This week we are listening to Terri Trespicio’s refreshing TED Talk, “Stop Searching for Your Passion.” She recalls leaving her job at Martha Stewart, and suddenly found herself looking to switch careers. She explores what ”passion” really is, how we don’t have to be defined by it, and how to actually discover it.

Have you ever been in the position of not knowing what your passion or your dream is? Has it changed with time? Do you agree with Terri’s viewpoint? Have you walked in her shoes? Let us know.

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What are we quoting this week?

“We have to be brave, and if our dreams get broken along the way, we have to make new ones from the pieces.”

– Derry Girls, Channel 4

This week’s quote is from the cult TV comedy, Derry Girls. It reassures us that we are allowed to dream and we are allowed to fail. We can change our dreams or create new ones, at any time. It’s also ok if we don’t know what our dream is yet. We can discover that along the way.


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