holding hands

Are we kind?

What are we talking about this week?

This week, we’re asking, “Am I kind?” This includes:

  • Being kind to others
  • Being giving to others
  • Being kind and giving to ourselves

Do we make a difference? Are we missed when we’re gone? Are we happy? What makes us happy? What makes us sad? How can we be sad and happy in the same day? How can one day bring us everything while another day brings us nothing?

Each of this week’s suggestions come back to these key questions.

Holding Hand

What are we looking at this week?

Is there something we would like to change about ourselves?

This is the famous Blob Tree test created by Pip Wilson, behavioral psychologist. This test helps us to recognize and strengthen emotions. Each blob figure in the picture represents a different mood and has a different position on the tree.

There are two parts to the test. First, we find the blob figure that most resembles our current self. After that, we find one that we would like to resemble. Then we can reflect on why those blob figures may be different and how we can transition from one to the other.

Blob Tree Test

What are we watching this week?

This video, from Badstache Animation Studio, highlights how our actions can impact the mental health and wellbeing of others. The working title for this video is “The Indifferent Man” however, he quickly becomes “The Caring Man.” This short film illustrates how powerful we can be in other people’s lives, and how powerful other people can be in our lives.


Who are we quoting this week?

Never ask, “Who is my real friend?” Ask, “Am I a real friend to somebody?” That is the right question.

– Osho

Are we expecting from others that which we are not prepared to give of ourselves? Or do we give, without expectation of payback? Do we ask ourselves, “Is there something in it for me?” Or do we ask, “Is there something I can do to help, to better, and to enhance the realities of others?”

Quote Osho

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