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I Am Here Founder, Jim Breen on RTE One’s Morning Ireland

Speaking on RTE One’s Morning Ireland, I Am Here Founder Jim Breen has highlighted the importance of a culture of acceptance and compassion in the workplace. 

Jim was responding to a question on how employers should address their Team Members’ concerns around mental health and wellbeing in the working environment. 

“Interestingly, just last month the World Economic Forum came out with a report and it highlighted that two out of every three employees reckon that mental health and wellbeing needs to be the top priority for their businesses.” Jim said.  

“Although the majority of companies are doing something about mental health and wellbeing, only one in six employees actually feel that support.” 

You can listen to Jim’s interview – in which he also discusses the challenges of remote working and how workplace culture is changing across the globe – with Adam Maguire approximately 54 minutes into the broadcast here.

Thanks to Morning Ireland for featuring us.

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