When do I stay silent?

This week, we’re asking, “When do I stay silent?

  • Why do I stay silent?
  • When am I lost for words?
  • Do I believe, that if I speak, no one will understand my words?

Today we want to explore why we might choose to stay silent rather than speak out. We want to look at how important it is to speak about our thoughts, our emotions, and our feelings. We invite you to add your voice to the conversation about silence.

What are we watching this week?

This week we are watching a video from Dr. Maika Steinborn titled “Coping With Emotions By Putting Them Into Words.”

She talks about developing specific strategies to help regulate our emotions. At I Am Here, we were interested in learning more about labeling our emotions which, according to Dr. Maika, helps us to act and behave in life with more purpose and more direction.

Watch Coping with Emotions By Putting Them Into Words. (9-minute read)

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What are we reading to this week?

We are reading a New York Times article, written by Eric Ravenscraft. The piece examines how beneficial it is to talk about our feelings. We liked that the writer demonstrated how talking to one another benefits us. He also offers us advice on the pitfalls to avoid in talking to one another.

Read Why Talking About Our Problems Helps So Much (And How To Do It) (5-minute watch)


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Who are we quoting this week?

“Distance doesn’t separate people, silence does.”

–    Jeff Hood

At I Am Here, we found this to be a powerful statement. It is an emotional quote, but it has meaning for us. People cannot get close to us if we don’t share how we’re feeling. Talking to someone is always the best option, even when it might be difficult or awkward to do so.


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