Rob Condon

how To Work With Anger

Do I get angry?

What are we reading this week? In her article, 11 Ways to Release Anger, Cindy Lamothe shares her tips for how to safely vent anger. The point about checking our own perspective reminds us of one of the four questions in our self-checks, “Can I be my own observer?” We can apply our CLEAR skill […]

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Do I have a friend?

What are we reading this week? The following is a piece from the Men’s Journal about friendship between heterosexual men. It focuses on how vital friendship is to the mental health of men and how more recent decades are kinder to the “bromance” experience than previous times. We at I Am Here think this is

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validation Podcast

Do I feel validated?

When we are validated, do we feel heard and understood? In validating others, are we able to identify with others’ emotions, and do we justify those emotions back to them? Do we validate others, even when we might not agree with them? How central is validation to meaningful connection, both with ourselves and others? What

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easy Way Hard Way

Can I do this?

This week, we’re asking, “Can I do this?” Am I prepared? Am I rushing things? Can I stick with my decision? Do we overthink our decisions? Do we sometimes make a decision too fast? Do we question our decisions? Do we regret them? Do we believe in them? What are we thinking about this week?

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