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The Mushroom

The stresses of life. We bemoan them. We dread them. We fall down at the feet of them. We give them power. Maybe too much power? I met a friend recently, and she shared with me her joy of foraging. She is a forager who knows her stuff. She knows what to pick, what to …

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What is the opposite of balance? Would it be shaky, shaken, or just plain unbalanced? Whatever the right word choice is, each of these words has a negative connotation. It seems that balance is desirable, and imbalance is not. Remember the young Russian Olympian ice skater who lost her balance, subsequently lost her medal and …

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Are we kind?

What are we talking about this week? This week, we’re asking, “Am I kind?” This includes: Being kind to others Being giving to others Being kind and giving to ourselves Do we make a difference? Are we missed when we’re gone? Are we happy? What makes us happy? What makes us sad? How can we …

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How can we hope on to hope?

How can we hope on to hope?

What we’re looking at this week… Are you facing any challenges at the moment? How do they make you feel? Cate Murden shares how she experienced an uncomfortable week, followed immediately by a much better week. Cate offers reassurance that something that seems overwhelming now will eventually become a mere memory. Cate suggests that facing …

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