Taking a stroll to cope

An Important Message

This Friday, 10 September, is World Suicide Prevention Day. It shines a light on an important topic that touches many of our lives, yet can be difficult to talk about.

At I Am Here, we provide you with the courage, confidence and skills to reach out to people who might not be feeling ok. That includes those who might be considering suicide. We believe this is a 24/7, 365-days-a-year need.

Throughout September, we’ll be focusing on suicide intervention in all our activities. We’re creating brand-new eLearning which will help you talk about suicide.

You can also join us on our upcoming webinar, which will focus on the theme of creating hope through action for world suicide prevention month.

Barry McGale, Suicide Prevention Consultant, How to Show you Care (vimeo.com)


What we’re looking at this week...

We can all experience mental health and wellbeing challenges differently. Our coping mechanisms can also differ.

This visual shared by international keynote speaker Dr. Noémie Le Pertel provides examples of what coping looks like for various people. The main thing to realise is that there are many ways to cope.

I Am Here teaches us to look for behaviours that are unusual or out of character. The more familiar you are with a person, the more likely you are to notice when they might not be feeling ok.

What does coping look like for you? Let us know on our social media pages.

What we're reading this week…

Did you know? ‘Darwin’s best thinking was not done in his study. It was done outside while walking, on a lowercase d–shaped path on the edge of his property.’

This article by Jeremy DeSilva got us thinking about the power of walking. Walking can give us time and space to think and problem solve. Something about the rhythm of walking can help the gears in our heads turn. Walking can be a great way to make discoveries about ourselves and the world around us.

Try completing your daily self-check while you’re on a walk. Afterwards, ask yourself if the experience and how you feel is different.