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Financial Wellbeing Webinar Highlights

Financial Wellbeing Webinar

I Am Here is joined in this 60-minute conversation by special guest, Financial Counsellor and Community Educator from Salvation Army’s MoneyCare, Kristen Hartnett.

Kristen is passionate about people living an abundant life – appreciating that money affects every aspect of a person’s life, she works with people to equip and empower them to be the boss of their financial situation, to improve their wellbeing and financial future.

She has over 15 years experience working as a financial counsellor and has helped countless of others put money it its rightful place. Kristen has also developed online courses, and a financial literacy program, “You’re The Boss”, with her team to increase personal wellbeing and better people’s finances for both now and in the future.
Tapping into Kristen’s impactful career, Jim and Kristen will discuss the impact of financial stress, some coaching tips, and the help and support that is available.

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