Do I have a friend?

What are we reading this week?

The following is a piece from the Men’s Journal about friendship between heterosexual men. It focuses on how vital friendship is to the mental health of men and how more recent decades are kinder to the “bromance” experience than previous times.

We at I Am Here think this is significant. The article highlights that men are no different from women in benefitting from “multiple kinds of relationships to provide happiness and different perspectives.”

Read Why Bromances Are Flourishing (3-minute read)

What are we watching to this week?

We are looking at Shasta Nelson and her triangle of three requirements in the make-up of a healthy friendship.

Shasta tells us that following these three requirements can lead to greater intimacy among friends. Does this resonate with your own experiences? Are you tempted to try Shasta’s advice?

Watch Frientimacy: the three requirements of all healthy friendships (16-minute watch)


Who are we quoting this week?

“Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more.”

– Unknown Source

What is a friend? Is it as simple as someone whose company we enjoy? Someone who makes our lives that little bit better? Someone that we make memories with?

Reach out to us on social media with your definition of friendship.