Can we reset ourselves?

This week, we’re talking about:

  • Anticipatory stress
  • Recognizing and transforming past stresses
  • Avoiding worrying about things that haven’t happened yet

What are we reading this week?

In this short blog post, Can we Reset Ourselves?, our Founder, Jim Breen, reflects on his own experience of anticipatory stress. He tells us how it took him years to reset his thinking and his approach around stress. Are we the wrecking ball, or are we the calmer and kinder experience?

Do we apply the I Am Here courage, confidence, and CLEAR skills of Compassion, Listening, Empathy, Acceptance and Real to ourselves? To our Team Members? To our colleagues? To our partners? To our spouses? To our kids?

Read the piece (1-minute read)

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What are we listening this week?

In this podcast, Transforming Stressful Life Events into Motivation, Dr. Wood explores how our past stresses stack up with our present stresses, preventing us from living in the moment. He explains that, if unresolved, old events can add to the new stresses of today. He also shares insights into recognizing these patterns and gives us steps we can use to transform the stress in our life into motivation.

Do you agree? Has this been your experience? Has your past impacted your current situation and magnified your stress?

It’s ok to not feel ok; and its absolutely ok to ask for help.

Listen to the podcast (18-minute listen)

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Who are we quoting this week?

“He who suffers before it is necessary, suffers more than is necessary”


We find this quote very relevant to the message shared by Jim in his blog post on resetting, Can we Reset Ourselves?

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Do we worry about things, that haven’t happened yet? Do we worry about things that might not happen at all? What do you think? Share your reflections with the I Am Here Tribe through our social media channels, Facebook, X, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.

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