Are you too hard on yourself and others?

What we’re reading this week…

For many, this month has seen our children return to school. It can take time to adjust to school after the summer break, not to mention the last 18 months.

This article, from Reach Out Recovery, questions our priorities. It says that our children’s emotional health is more important than their grades. Test scores don’t consider their social wellbeing, attitude and other skills.

Are you a parent? How have your children settled back into school? Has this article caused you to reconsider your approach to parenting?


What we’re looking at this week…

We might place unrealistic or unreasonable expectations on ourselves.  We can sometimes focus on the idea of perfection and not allow ourselves any room for risk or failure.

Susan David, Ph.D. – a Psychologist at the Harvard Medical School – suggests we concentrate on progress instead of perfection. The graphic she posted says that perfection is boring. The visual’s final line of “Make music, not applause” suggests doing things for the love of doing them, rather than seeking validation.

What we’re thinking about this week…

Throughout September, we’ve been putting a spotlight on the topic of suicide. September might be coming to an end; however, the challenges faced by those considering suicide remain.

People can experience a mental health challenge at any time. I Am Here is always a wellbeing partner. We connect people with the help or support they might need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.