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I Am Here, powered by PulseLearning, features on TikTok Canada’s new Wellness Hub

June 29, 2021: Global eLearning solutions company PulseLearning announces that its global mental health and wellbeing brand, I Am Here, is featured on TikTok’s new ‘Wellness Hub’ in Canada.

Wellness Hub

I Am Here TikTok

Launched this month, the Wellness Hub is designed to create a more positive online environment and is TikTok’s latest wellness-focused resource. The Wellness Hub features guidance for TikTok users on how to nurture their bodies and minds. I Am Here joins other well known brands, including Slice TV, to offer wellness supports. Resources cover four key areas: food and nutrition, fitness, life advice and mindfulness.

I Am Here is partnering with TikTok to spread the message that; ‘it’s ok not to feel ok; and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help’. As part of the partnership, the global mental health and wellbeing brand, will share powerful tools and resources to support TikTok users. I Am Here will also help them recognize when their friends are behaving differently and guide them on what to do.

Jim Breen, founder of I Am Here and PulseLearning, says, “We are honoured to feature on TikTok’s new Wellness Hub in Canada. We have witnessed firsthand at I Am Here how essential these resources and supports are, especially right now. It is vital for TikTok’s community to have access to reliable information created by mental health and wellbeing experts. We look forward to sharing powerful tools that can make a meaningful difference.”

PulseLearning has a 22-year history of world-class, behaviour-based learning solutions. I Am Here is the fastest growing, evidence-based mental health and wellbeing brand in the world, with over 850,000 Team Members across five continents. 

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Geraldine O’Neill, Geraldine.oneill@pulselearning.com 

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