The Power of One

10th September 2020

Overview: Over 800,000 people die by suicide every year worldwide. That is 1 person losing their life every 40 seconds. For each person who dies by suicide, there are over 20 attempting suicide and countless others who feel that life is not worth living.

Much can be done to prevent suicide at individual, community and national levels. On Thursday, September 10th 2020, World Suicide Prevention Day, we are asking you to join our Tribe and help break the cycle of suicide.

Jim will guide us through the 60-minute Tribe Members course where we will gain the courage, confidence and skills to show you care to anyone, anywhere. By completing this course, you will officially join the I Am Here global Tribe and receive your completion certificate.

Our Tribe is now 850,000 people globally. What would be the impact if we all had one compassionate connection every day?

850,000 compassionate connections a day
25 million people feeling that compassion every month
306 million compassionate connections a year