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Making a habit of minding yourself

This week we are looking at the habit of prioritising ourselves on a regular basis, not just on our birthday or on a holiday. We want to explore how we can incorporate care of ourselves into the ordinary every day. Here, we will look to how we recharge our life battery and how often we do recharge that battery. We will talk about habits and the formation of them. Also, we will tap into what exactly makes us tick, and what’s important to us. Come join us in the conversation.


What are we looking at this week?


Take a look at Zach Brandon’s graphic in which he compares our internal energy to our phone batteries.  It’s a simple message. We are all very aware of when our phone needs a reboot – but are we aware of when and what it takes to reboot us?

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What are we listening to this week?

Are you trying to build or change a habit?

Peter Attia sat down with James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, in his latest podcast.  This is a good discussion on how we can affect our own behavioral changes. It talks around the importance of being able to forgive ourselves and the two-minute rule. This is a good listen, and who knows, maybe a new habit might emerge, to listen to more podcasts like it!

Listen to podcast. (2 hours 18 minute listen)


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What are we learning this week?

Do you know how to mind yourself and others? Do you know what to say and how to say it when they are struggling? Take our mental health and wellbeing course and become someone who focuses on displaying care, compassion and empathy to yourself and others around you.

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