How do we find our Way in Mass Disruption?

23rd July 2020

I Am Here is joined in this 60 minute series, by special guests Elizabeth McNaughton and cognitive psychologist, Jolie Wills, founders of Hummingly, a remarkable duo who have worked in disaster recovery around the world for over 15 years. They both led the recovery team during the Christchurch earthquakes, where they helped over 5,000 people. Today, Hummingly creates easy-to-use resilience tools that individuals, communities and workplaces around the world can access.

Elizabeth and Jolie will share with us what they have learned from years of working on large-scale, natural disasters and outline tangible actions that can support us in navigating the COVID-19 world. Both have interviewed 100 disaster recovery leaders from all over the world, and what they have gleaned is transferable to our personal and professional lives. They will tell us about the behaviours, emotions and impacts that we can anticipate in times of disruption and how we might address these in the remote and physical workplace.


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