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*Prerequisite:  You have to complete the I Am Here: Tribe Member class and receive your Tribe Member certificate before you can take the class to become an I Am Here: Ambassador.

In this 90-minute session, you will be brought through the I Am Here: Ambassador virtual class. By participating in this class, you will gain the courage, confidence and skills to Show you care, Ask the question and Call for help. Upon full completion of the I Am Here: Ambassador virtual class, you will be able to safely signpost someone to help and support when needed.

As Ambassadors, we are not expected to be counsellors, psychologists or to have medical training. We are required to be the signpost that points the way to better mental health and wellbeing for everyone.

One of the greatest gifts you can receive from someone is for them to show you how they feel when they are not feeling ok. I wonder who you will receive this gift from.