Prioritise Mental Health and Wellbeing to Drive Workplace Performance​

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It’s ok not to feel ok; and it’s
absolutely ok to ask for help



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Unlock a Thriving Workplace



Over 70% of Client Employees
choose to become an
I Am Here Tribe Member



We drive increase in the use
of our Clients’ Employee
Assistance Program (EAP)



Measurable improvement in absenteeism
and productivity¹



For every £1.30 spent on
supporting mental health
at work, employers get on
average £5²

1 Awareness into Action, A Holistic Approach to Cultivating Mentally Healthy Workplaces in Australia. Allianz Australia 2019.
2 Mental Health & Employees, Refreshing the case for investment. Deloitte UK, January 2020

Discover the positive impact of prioritising Mental Health in your workplace with I Am Here

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Mental Health is costing your company - but there is a solution

We provide evidence-based workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing solutions that drive behavioural and cultural change, empowering team members to signpost help and support when needed. We also offer a 24/7 Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with expert support tailored to your members’ specific needs. We can also seamlessly integrate with your existing EAP program to provide the essential resources and assistance they require. 


Empowering Behavioural and Cultural Change in Your Team

Our highly qualified psychotherapists proactively engage with your team by providing regular on-site and virtual support sessions, utilising a range of digital and non-digital support tools. Our approach has leads to a measurable decrease in absenteeism, presenteeism, and staff turnover, as well as increased productivity and employee morale.

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Insightful Reporting

We provide insightful reporting to help you understand the impact of our Mental Health and Wellbeing solutions on your team members and your business. Our reporting includes key metrics on engagement, usage, and outcomes, giving you the visibility you need to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

Enhance your Team's Mental Health and Wellbeing with I Am Here

At our core, we believe that it’s ok not to feel ok; and that it’s absolutely ok to ask for help. I Am Here clients are experiencing up to 70% of employees nominated to become Tribe Members. This is born out in clients experiencing up to an 86% increase in productivity as a direct result of the engagement such as group programs, digital and non-digital support tools.

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