Do you wear your hard hat?

hardHat v2
The physical environments we work in can be dangerous. Obviously, we need to protect ourselves from those dangers. We don’t think twice about wearing our hard hats, gloves, and steel toe caps.

Your mental health and wellbeing work in the same way. Protecting it is just as important as wearing your hard hat. Did you know that depression and anxiety are now more common than musculoskeletal disorders in the construction industry?

(Source: https://smasltd.com/worksafe/physical-and-mental-stress-in-construction/)

I Am Here is protective gear for the mind. Engaging with I Am Here, along with the help and support that’s available, can help you safeguard your mental health and wellbeing. You also have the power to change things for the better. You can reach out to people who might not be feeling ok. You can be someone’s hard hat.

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