Checking in on yourself.

selfCheck v3

A lot of men have been raised to suppress, ignore, or hide their emotions. That means we’re unlikely to regularly check in with our thoughts and feelings.

At I Am Here, we use a self-check to find out how we’re doing. A self-check has four simple questions:

  1. Am I feeling ok?
  2. Do I have time?
  3. Can I be my own observer?
  4. Do I need any help or support?

We perform these self-checks every day during our morning routine before we reach out to someone we’re concerned about; when we’re facing challenges; and in those small pockets of time when we would usually reach for our phones.

You can find out more about self-checks in the I Am Here: Tribe Members, I Am Here: Ambassadors, and I Am Here for Me: Self-checks eLearning.

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